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Week 7: Falling into Plot

October 1, 2017



                             2nd Period- Tableaux of Falling Action & Internal Conflict


                                                        6th period- Dynamic Characters 


                   I cannot believe it is already October.  Surely, just yesterday, we had orientation, and I was meeting each of you for the first time.  When I think back to that day, as cheesy as it sounds, I see it very much like the elements of plot, which we have been learning this week.  I was getting to know the characters I would be teaching.  You guys were getting to know the teacher.  Together we were getting to know our setting, for you guys Pace High, for me the role of teaching again.  Now, I see our story as the rising action (the conflict-some external and some internal) starting to peer out from the honeymoon phase (as we teachers like to call it).  This is not to suggest that it is not still a good story.  Because as we learned this week, every good story must have a conflict. 


                After all, wherever there are characters (people), there will also be conflict.  As  an avid reader, I love a good conflict more than anyone.  It's what keeps me on my toes as a reader, what draws me in, and makes me want to finish the story.  The same is true of the challenges some of you are already presenting to me this year: subpar effort at times, personal issues that affect learning, missed school, blank stares, tempting cell phones, silliness at times, you know the usual stuff. These things are not a nuisance to me as a teacher.  I did not sign up to be a teacher so I could lead a group of robots.  I wanted to be a teacher, so I could make a difference in a student's life, help him find his way, discover his passions, and fall in love with learning.  That's difficult to do if he comes to me already perfect.  Like we have seen with all of the characters we have met so far, transformation cannot occur without a conflict. Plainly stated, without a conflict, I am out of a job.


               Beyond these initial conflicts,  I fully understand that a cornucopia of other conflicts will arise  before the curtain finally draws on the drama we have been performing all year.  I don't even know what they will all be, nor do you guys.   My biggest hope for each of you is that we are working towards a solid resolution to this story, the kind of ending that makes you glad you invested the time in such a remarkable tale, a tale so wonderfully told.  Very soon, you all will be turning in your short stories.  I cannot wait to read your tales of adventure, to meet new characters, and to see how it all unfolds.  Thank you guys for reading my story each day and for being my favorite characters in all of Patriot land. 


Ready to read more,


Mrs. Bell



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